Nathanael Yellis

Nathaneal Yellis: Host

Nathanael Yellis is responsible for Heritage Action for America’s web efforts. He was formerly the Business Developer at Yellis & Foley CPAs, an accounting firm serving small and medium businesses in Southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire. A Maine native, Yellis is a graduate of Patrick Henry College and the Acton School of Business.

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Isaiah McPeak

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Isaiah McPeak: Co-host

Isaiah McPeak is a debate coach, analyst, rhetoric teacher, and entrepreneur. The common thread of activities: shape people in ways that matter, while being shaped in the process. He believes that Listening is the first principle of true communicators and learning is the second. He also believes that engaging in the world of ideas as an active contributor, not as a selfish ‘user,’ requires disciplined habits.

His key experiences include:

  • Ten years of speech and debate, both coaching national champions and being one on multiple occasions
  • Years as an intelligence analyst, writer, rhetoric teacher, and communications coach
  • Founder or co-founder of: Ethos Debate, Ethos Presentations Design, Franklin Park Big Band, Nathan Hale Center for Intelligence Studies, HSD Research Club, and OwnYourPlatform
  • Lead Analyst/Presenter at 9Lenses, a software firm where Isaiah has presented to dozens of CEOs and executive teams


Elijah Schow

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Elijah Schow: Producer

Elijah is obsessed with 21st century communication. He hopes the internet becomes about value creation, not people hawking their noise. From mixing music, developing software, and videographing, to running a pile of websites, he tries to contribute something valuable to the world. Elijah also debated in high school, where he placed 10th at NCFCA team policy nationals in 2012. Today, Elijah is a product manager and software designer, where he manages how both images and words communicate to a world of Fortune 500 executives, small business CEOs, and employees.