Isaiah McPeak opens the show talking about his successful fundraising round for Pinwheel. We delve into raising money, communicating well, and relating to investors like people:

  • The difference between raising money pre- or post-revenue (why Isaiah’s company said no to Jason Calacanis)
  • How new company founders find investors to pitch: building a network and getting introductions
  • Why a network matters and how repeat founders can be in a better spot
  • How to practice your pitch for investors
  • Pitch meetings structure: one cool trick to making a slide deck help the conversation move
  • How to make your presentations more interesting: don’t start with slide one
  • Why showing that you’re intimidated by potential funders sets you up to fail

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Concision: Put Yourself on the Clock (from Nathanael)


Co-host: Isaiah McPeak

Co-host and show notes: Nathanael Yellis

Producer: Elijah Schow