Isaiah and Nathanael join forces for the first time in 6 years: where are they now? Are they still communications coaches? The hosts catch up on career, communications, and how their approaches have evolved. Isaiah’s career has taken him into startup land, advising founders on how to pitch their companies: we hear the one thing he still does that adds the most value. Part of his evolution is doing the work directly in addition to coaching those who do the work. Nathanael moved from politics to software consulting: Isaiah teases out some themes from his approach and declares: still a communicator!
Come for the catch up. Stay for the…
  • Question-asking trick to be the “dumbest” person in the room.
  • Isaiah’s menu of bananas-but-true stories from his recent work.
  • The secrets of startups raising money.
  • The balance of doing the thing vs. coaching the doers.
  • A story about leaving politics and going to HubSpot.
  • Explainer on HubSpot consulting.
  • Aristotle quote that actually helped Nathanael.
  • Hat tip to Steven Tomlinson.


Catch up with Isaiah 1:00
— Break —
Catch up with Nathanael 13:38


Co-host: Isaiah McPeak

Co-host: Nathanael Yellis

Producer: Elijah Schow


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