Isaiah and Nathanael welcome a guest to the podcast. He’s a business owner with a specific challenge: how to pitch his service to new clients. Isaiah and Nathanael help him identify the kinds of potential clients, and figure out what to bring to pitch conversations. Of all the things a salesperson can say, what should they bring up? How can sales pitches be playful, generative, and helpful to all participants?Isaiah gives you a few playbooks to take to your next pitch, all under the heading of making the pitch more of a dialog.

Other notable moments:

  • We learn just how many debate partners Isaiah had–and where some of them are now.
  • Why “pitches” aren’t really pitches, 8 out of 10 times.
  • Get a peek behind the curtain of how Isaiah McPeak coaches entrepreneurial communication.


Co-host: Isaiah McPeak

Co-host: Nathanael Yellis

Producer: Elijah Schow