The show opens with a great clap track. Our guest Steven Tomlinson is an Acton MBA master teacher, a playwright, and a communications coach. He joins us to talk shop as a fellow coach of people with messages. Steven consults business people (among others) with coaching techniques both Isaiah and Nathanael have heavily borrowed from. Reconnecting with an old friend and mentor makes this episode a delight.
  • Isaiah opens with a quick time machine to remind us why the pod is called “own your platform.”
  • Steven jumps into the drivers’ seat of the pod, asking your hosts questions.
  • Nathanael quotes Steven’s definition of communication, referencing stick figures drawn on one of Acton MBA’s massive whiteboards, “land on their island.”
  • What to do about weaponized communication: when people think of communicating as just wanting to win an argument.
  • How Steven starts his coaching in a human, honest place, with a generous intention.
  • Learn about the one secret tool that makes communications coaching work: a camera, allowing the client to see themselves.


Co-host: Isaiah McPeak

Co-host: Nathanael Yellis

Producer: Elijah Schow